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All of our annual veggie, herbs, and fruit seedlings are grown organically, in house. Many items are even grown from seeds we saved ourselves, meaning that those plants are especially well-suited to our climate. Each year we offer our all-time favorites, tried and true selections, as well as a handful of new and exciting options to try. If there is something you are looking for that we don't have, let us know - maybe next year we can add it to the list! 

Our selection of perennial plants is also grown on site. All organically grown, we have a great selection of natives and other options that grow well here. Many of these options we've grown for years, and feel confident that you will have the same great results that we do! 

Annual veggies, fruits, and herbs

To view a list of the plants we are offering in 2023, check out the "shop" tab on our website.


Tons of great perennials to add interest to your yard through foliage and blooms. Plus natives that attract beneficial insects and birds, and have plenty of other benefits, too. 

Cut Flowers

Did you know that 80% of flowers sold in the US come from outside the country? Not only are they full of pesticides, insecticides, and chemical preservatives, but they must also be transported across the globe to reach your table. Green Garden Mama is working to change that. We strive to provide local and sustainable flowers to our customers. 

Bouquets are available in multiple sizes ranging including wrapped bouquets for $20, vase arrangements for $35 and larger sizes upon request. Flowers are available weekly from early May through mid October, and custom orders are also welcomed. 

Bouquet Bars

A favorite for the DIYer, (and a great way to get out of the house!) Come visit our porch Bouquet Bar to create your own unique bouquets from our fresh cut flowers. Get your creative juices flowing! Buckets of fresh flowers will be available for you to make your own creations to take home and enjoy or gift to someone special. 

Bouquet Bar dates and times are always announced in advance, usually on the Green Garden Mama Facebook page. Stem prices range from $1.00 to $4.00.