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Package of 10 bulbs. 


This late double tulip has beautiful maroon flowers with a black sheen that grow up to 22" tall in spring. Pairs well with Queen of Night and Menton


In the fall, select a sunny spot with well-drained soil, and plant your bulbs at least 6" deep so they stay insulated through the winter but remain cool as temperatures begin to rise in the spring. Bulbs can be planted as close as 1-2" apart, and look best planted in small clusters. 


Bulbs can be planted in fall anytime before the ground freezes, but late October/early November is best in northern Illinois. 


Most tulips are treated as annuals, as they do not tend to return as strongly in subsequent years. After flowers finish blooming, you can pull out the entire plant, including the bulb, and compost or discard. 

Tulip bulbs - Black Hero

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