Snag the earliest blooms of the season with this First Blooms CSA share. 


After a long, cold winter we all could use a little extra beauty to welcome spring! This early  4 week share runs from roughly mid April through mid May, with exact dates depending on Mother Nature. Beginning with specialty daffodils, followed by tulips, throw in a few specialty blooms, and possibly the earliest of the ranunculus and anemone.  


Bouquet pickup will be on my porch in north Lombard, exact dates TBD.


First Blooms CSA

  • For the longest vase life, keep your flowers in a cool spot out of direct sunlight. Adding fresh water every day or two can also help keep flowers at their best, and make sure you use a vase clean enough to drink from! 

    Some flowers may have a shorter vase life, but have multiple blooms per stem that open over time. In this case, you can remove the spent blooms from the stem while still enjoying the ones that remain open. Typically you should expect to get at least 5-7 days of vase life from each bouquet, sometimes even more. 

  • These products have been grown without chemicals, so are safest for you and your family to handle. However, some flowers are toxic when ingested, so please keep flowers away from pets and small children. Our flowers are best enjoyed when seen and smelled, but not eaten.