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What I Do

Green Garden Mama's Garden Consulting Service is for the gardener who wants to do-it-yourself but needs to be pointed in the right direction.


From site selection to plant selection, identifying weeds to layout and design, let's work together to make your yard what you always wanted it to be. 

Horticultural Handholding

You've researched, you've Googled, and you still have questions. I get it. Research can only take you so far, and doesn't give you personalized answers that work for YOU. That's where Green Garden Mama comes in. 


Together we can address:

- new garden installation

- reworking an existing yard and garden to better meet your needs

- developing a site plan with sketches and plant recommendations

- assessing your microclimate

- identifying sun/shade and selecting and siting appropriate plants

- when and how to plant

- how to care for your garden, including monthly tasks specific to you

- making your yard and garden more sustainable

- increasing biodiversity

- addressing water issues, from drainage to irrigation

- getting the most from your kitchen garden

- successful seed starting practices

- succession planting, season extending, and food preservation basics

- additional questions specific to your property

As your personalized Garden Coach, we can schedule a visit once per month, once per season, twice per year - whatever you feel will work best for your specific situation. We can even arrange for a virtual visit! My goal is to save you time, money, and frustration in your gardening journey. 


The very first thing you need to consider before starting any garden project is "what do I want from my yard?" Are you looking to add natives and more pollinator-friendly options? Trying to be more sustainable? Need some guidance in starting or expanding your kitchen garden? Once we know what you are really looking for, from there we can dive into the "how". 


Your yard is an extension of your home - it should be something you can enjoy! Adding blooms, increasing seasonal interest, and supporting pollinators are all great features to add.



Plants need water, but not too much. If you have drainage issues, let's find some creative ideas to fix them, like swales and rain gardens. 


Do you know how much sun your yard gets all day? Need to decide what to plant where? A site visit is great to go over your options. 



Rain barrels, sprinklers, soaker hoses, watering cans... there are tons of options to water your plants. Let's decide what makes sense for YOU. 


Planning to DIY your yard but need some help planning it out? We can discuss patio placement, walkways, arbors, and more. 

Going Green


There are lots of ways to become more sustainable in your yard - from going chemical-free to adding a compost pile. We can discuss which options are best for you, your yard, and the environment.

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